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Serino reimagines the landscape of material analysis, merging SWIR spectroscopy and imaging to redefine industry standards. Our approach ensures enhanced precision and affordable accessibility, empowering diverse people and industries in their daily business with reliable data insights

Our Mission

At SERINO, we are dedicated to revolutionizing material analysis with our innovative Near-Infrared (NIR) semiconductor technology. Our diverse team is on a mission to make data more accessible and material analysis simpler for everyone. We're here to empower, innovate, and lead the way to a future where complex data is just a click away.

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Our Team

SERINO's journey began with a successful Ph.D. thesis, showcased at the MRS conference 2019 in Phoenix. Recognizing the demand for affordable, sensitive NIR sensors, we evolved into a thriving spinoff at LMU University Munich, attracting talent from diverse fields. With recognitions such as the Medical Valley Award 2021, we've been acknowledged for our forward-thinking approach. Supported by grants like Exist-FT in 2023, we continue our mission to democratize the NIR image sensor market through SERINO. Aligned with our vision to simplify material analysis, our diverse team is dedicated to empowering and innovating with NIR semiconductor technology. At SERINO, we lead the way towards a future where complex data is easily accessible for all.

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